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The DIGITAL ART WEEKS (DAW) program is concerned with the application of digital technology in the arts. Consisting of symposia, workshops and performances, the Digital Art Weeks (DAW) program offers insight into current research and innovations in art and technology as well as illustrating resulting synergies during the Digital Art Weeks Festival each year, making artists aware of impulses in technology and scientists aware of the possibilities of application of technology in the arts.

The organizing group behind the Digital Art Weeks is an autonomous group network which functions as a trans-disciplinary arts and science coordination network offering its services to the various institutes from which its constituent members stem. Each of the members of the DAW Network is interdisciplinary, holding degrees from one or more academic disciplines with further expertise in other additional academic disciplines. Each member operates on “new knowledge” that is claimed by more than one discipline. Our perspective is that specialization brings about in-depth knowledge of a discipline while interdisciplinary finds new solutions by approaching problems from a multitude of perspectives.

The events that are organized by the DAW International involve mutual collaboration between all participant entities and these entities bring about new solutions. In time these collaborations produce new knowledge to all regardless of specialization. As a outcome of years of organizing and managing events, the goal of the DAW network is to focus on creating trans-disciplinary situations for a diverse range of target groups so that knowledge production is disseminated from a variety of organizations and collective entities including academia, industry, the arts and through cultural exchange.

- Arthur Clay, Zurich, 2009

DAW International Team

Artistic Director & Founder

Art Clay → more info
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Scientific Chair

Stefan Müller Arisona → more info
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Educational Chair

Prof. Dr. Jürg Gutknecht→ contact

Event Programme Manager

Monika Rut
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Web Master

Kevin Ahn
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Public Relations

Andrew J. Jones → more info


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