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Volunteer Positions

Conference Chair /Conference Committee

You are responsible for a a section or sections of a conference. Collaboration with other Conference Chairs and the Directors of the festival are expected. Duties may include but may vary greatly greatly. Duties may include some of the following:

  1. Defining Conference themes
  2. Recommending Speakers and Panelists
  3. General Moderation of the Conference
  4. Funding Searches
  5. Peer Review of Submissions

Project Manager

You are responsible for a single project and carry work out only in relation to the project itself. These duties may vary greatly from each other, but may include some of the following:

  1. Collecting and editing information from participants.
  2. Correspondence with participating artists and other assistants.
  3. Collecting and connecting equipment to be used for the project.
  4. Public relations during exhibition times.

Technical Assistant

You are responsible for a particular space for a period of time to help set up for an exhibition. These duties may vary greatly from each other, but may include some of the following:

  1. Printing and hanging information up.
  2. Connection and positioning audio and video equipment
  3. Other related work to the exhibition.
  4. Artist relations before, during and after the exhibition.
  5. Knock down.

Administrative Assistant

You are responsible for the registration process. This includes:

  1. Putting the material such as name tags, programs, maps etc. together.
  2. Registering each participant and collecting the registration fees.
  3. Other related work.

Public Relations

You are responsible for a variety of task that will vary depending on the event itself. Interaction with the public is key to this position and may include:

  1. Putting the information packages, box office material etc. together.
  2. Greeting attendees, Taking and/or Selling tickets and keeping track of sales.
  3. Offering Information as well as Selling various related items such as Cds, DVDs, etc.
  4. Any related works.

Note:All Assistants receive a pass to all festival and conference events.

Interested parties should contact us at

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