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Tuesday, July 10 to Saturday, July 14


Location: Cabaret Voltaire, daily from 11:00 to 19:00

About the Cabling Madness Exhibition

In addtion to the performances scheduled under the title "Cabled Madness", the programme at the Cabaret Voltaire this year will have a number of artworks on display. In support of Weizenbaum's excess and error criticism with its warning against the no-need-to-think condition of the "terror-error", electronic madness is now being expressed by artists using technologies in a civic manner for the aesthetic enrichment of artist and viewer alike. Regardless of the mode of expression, this new era of art, technology (and error) is upon us:

Captain Speaking: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I have some good news and I have some bad news: The good news is that we have a very strong tail wind. And we're doing 1.400 miles per hour over land, the bad news is that all of our navigation instruments are out and we don't know where we are and we don't know where we're going. And that's our situation, our science and technology is a tail wind the like of which we've never had before. We're going so god damn fast.

Exhibition Host: Philipp Meier, Cabaret Voltaire

Participating Artists

Agitpop (USA)
Cargobar Basel (CHE)
Corebounce (CHE)
Manfred Kroboth (DEU)



Manfred Kroboth (DEU)

I realized a placeholder for me, which deals about the questions of mobility and simultaneity. This placeholder can be in two conditions. In the off line mode the head recites philosophic text. If a person stands in front of the work, the head is directed to the person and starts a simple conversation. The installed computer registers with two microphones the answer and can react. If the installation is on line I can listen to the person in front of the head and I can see what happens in the space through a web cam which is installed in one eye of the head. So I have the possibility to interfere in a conversation. The voice that you hear is always a computer generated voice. The person can not find out whether the installation is on or off line.

Rip my Disk (Redux: Wireless Madness)

Corebounce (CHE)

The project "Rip my Disk (Redux: Wireless Madness)", is a relaunch of its predecessor presented at Interactive Futures 2006. It blurs privacy and brings personal content to public screens: Visitors can enter into a dare by letting the computer "rip" multimedia contents off their handphones to get exposed ("virtually naked") at Cabaret Voltaire's bar. Others, not so akin to risk taking, can simply enjoy employing their phones for interactive painting as well as sending selected content. The obtained content is used as personal artifacts, which are continuously adapted and integrated. The result is the personal enhancement of the space around the media owner's location.

Vintage Posters

Agitpop (USA)

An trash exhibition of vintage fanzine posters gafft on the walls of the Cabaret Voltaire ad lib for all to remember. Agitpop recorded two albums for Community 3 Records (produced by label-head Albert Garzon) during 1985-86, but moved to Minneapolis' Twin/Tone label for two further albums, Open Seasons and Stick It. These two LPs saw Agitpop trading in the punk and politics for rock with a bit more pop potential. Though they disbanded just after the turn of the decade, they are coming out with a new alblum this year and will be on the move again through out 2007 with perhaps revival and survival tactics more in line with punk and politics.

Mad Mixers

Cargobar Basel (CHE)

Renowned for their art installations, fine taste in djs, vjs and mixed drinks, the Cargobar of Basel Switzerland (parked along the Rhine River) has -once again- dreamed up a new artful palette of mixed drinks to be served as artworks in themselves during the DAW07 Festival. The drinks are based around the titles of the songs from the New York punk band Agitpop and artworks that are part of the festival. Why order a martini if you can order a "TV and a Shotgun" or a "Worse Movie Ever"? The list of drinks -rather let us say drinkable artworks- can be downloaded in the form of a "" authored by no other than Cargobar's owner himself, Claude Gacon, without charge.
→ Drink Recipes?

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