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Saturday, July 14


Location, ewz-Unterwerk Selnau

About the programme at ewz-Unterwerk Selnau

The ewz show gets more juice out of the former powerplant than Zurich would ever have demanded on a feverish Saturday night. Filled with various live acts skating across four generations of contemporary arts, the evening will begin with the Avant Garde of the Avant Garde of the Avant Garde and will end with some of the best known knob tweaking talent known to the club scene this side of Heidiland. Like cables without end, Live this and that, Special Mix Bar, chilling out to the dream machines of Gysin and Burroughs, dancing up and downstairs? Well...., come and get squared, your bones twitched and your retinas expanded!

Participating Artists

Jackson 2Bears (CAN)
Agitpop (USA)
Art Clay (USA)
Corebounce (CHE)
Louis-Philippe Demers (CAN)
Erratum Ensemble (INT)
Steve Gibson (CAN)
Jörk Lamprecht (DEU)
Wolf Scheidt (DEU)
Werner Schuster (DEU)
Wesley Hoke Smith (USA)
Urs Jaeggi (CHE)
Love & Olson (CAN)
Graham Wakefield (USA)
Pablo Ventura (ESP)


Spinoza is(s)t

Art Clay & Erratum Ensemble (INT)

A 'Spinoza-Sammelsurium' for three actors, stage scenery, and live-electronics. Spinoza’s journey as a philosopher forms the basic structure of the work. The journey is synaesthetically presented with text, music, object and actionism. A metamorphosis in light quantity and quality represents the various stations of Spinoza's life from his formative years until his banishment by Church, State and Synagogue. The text consists of a collage of texts by Urs Jaeggi and Spinoza. It is in German, but - as in the films of Tatti - the language is only used to accompany the actions on stage and not to mediate meaning.

In Velvet, Underground

Agitpop (USA)

The band agitpop will appear in the electric version at the ewz-Unterwerk Selnau in Zurich as part of a rewashed and bleached version of Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable" for the youth of today. Basically, an extremely nasty 45 minute medley of Velvet Underground cover versions of European Son, Venus in Furs and Heroin from the Velvet Underground. They will get mixed and re-pounded into a hellish uproar that is more dirty than any other New York band could ever get it. After this cover performance, accompanied by blinding visuals, your senses will clothed in velvet and never be the same again!

Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable

Steve Gibson (CAN), Jackson 2Bears (CAN), robot_mixeur (CHE), Love&Olson (CAN), Scheinwerfer (CHE)

A conglomeration of pop explosion, electronic music, hallucinogenic video and free improvisation. Filling four screens of visual excess controlled by the warring talents of the Scheinwerfer collective from Zurich and Love&Olson from Victoria. Mashed with the experimental drum and bass of Jackson 2Bears and the experimental dub / progressive house of Steve Gibson zaps the event back to a happening on the scale of its 1960s namesake. Simultaneously via a glut of technology the happening is transported in a future of digital excess: an overload of the senses, an immersion in an audiovisualscape!


Wesley Hoke Smith and Graham Wakefield (USA)

Synechdoche is a blending of sonic architecture and spatial music in which elements in the visual domain are informed by techniques of composition in the acoustic domain, and vice versa. Membranes of multiple individual sound and image transformations smoothly and dynamically shift between organic and crystalline forms. A synecdoche is a conceptual metaphor in which a part is spoken of as the whole, or a whole for a part. The notions of perception, interpretation, reflection and expression in the project are inherent in the signal processing: elements resonate with each other more or less accurately, more or less continuously.

Kubic’s Cube

Pablo Ventura (ESP) & Louis-Philippe Demers (CAN)

The robot “Kubic”, developed by the robot artist Louis-Philippe Demers for choreographer Pablo Ventura’s “Fabrica/Clsuter III”, takes over now the performing space as the only performer in a “dance” piece. “Kubic” hangs in the center of a cube formed by 8 neon lights and LED lamps with the public freely moving in space around the robot. The choreographer Pablo Ventura operates the robot 'live' to the music of Francisco López, a famous exponent of electronic music, and invite’s the viewer to discover Kubic's Cube from different perspectives. “Kubic’s Cube” was developed in an artistic residence in Tesla-Berlin and presented at Berlin’s Transmediale 2006.

Basement Power

Live: Marek Hemmann (DEU), Knorlive (CHE), Bang Goes (CHE), Rino (CHE), (CHE), Visuals: Van Nutt (CHE)

Enjoy the amazing basement of the former power plant and shake your body until sunrise! By GS and Babyshake.

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