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Shigeki Amitani and Ernest Edmonds - Designing a System for Supporting the Process of Making a Video Sequence *

Paolo Bottoni et al. - CoPuppet: Collaborative Interaction in Virtual Puppetry *

John Craig Freeman - Imaging Place: Globalization and Immersive Media *

Louis-Philippe Demers and Jana Horakova - Anthropocentrism and the Stating of Robots *

Ian Grant - Experiments in Digital Puppetry: Video Hybrids in Apple’s Quartz Composer *

Peter Haas and Silvia Holzinger - Twelve Road Blocks – A Look behind the Curtain of Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work.

Will Pappenheimer - Tuning in Rorschach Maps *

Marcin Ramocki - DIY: The Militant Embrace of Technology *

Wesley Smith and Graham Wakefield - Real-time Multimedia Composition using Lua *

(*) These papers are published in: Transdisciplinary Digital Art: Sound, Vision and the New Screen. 2008. R. Adams, S. Gibson, and S. Müller Arisona (eds.). Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS), Volume 7, Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


Shigeki Amitani and Ernest Edmonds - A Dynamic Concept Base: A Component for Generative Systems

Philipp Bönhof and Sven Philipp Stauber - Panoramic Art in Real Time

Ruben Coen Cagli - MacchinaPerTracciare – Interactive Installation

Anna Dumitriu - The Institute of Unnecessary Research- Art/Science/Technology Interaction and Socially Engaged Performance

Marco Feriencik et al. - Color - Light - Music

Lucas Gross - Robot Aitu: An Attempt to Make Wave Emissions of Mobile Phones Perceptible

Manfred Kroboth - His Master's Voice

Robert Lawrence - Un Message, Evidemment: Open Source Film

Dennis Majoe et al. - SQEAK: Using your Mobile Phone as a Gesture Sensor

Joshua Rosenstock - Mini Sound Modules for Installation & Performance

Eva Sjuve - audioTagger: Wireless Phonography

Leon Tan, Antti Sakari Saario and Amanda Newall - We are Legion Changing Rooms

Cathy van Eck - Hearing Sirens

Dan Wilcox and Oscar Ramos - Experiments in Energy: 3 Technological Ritual Acts

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