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Last update: July 05, 2007, at 08:09 PM

Tuesday, July 10 to Saturday, July 15


Location: Zurich main station

"Our only security is our ability to change."

Exhibition Host: Martina Eberle, Nova Project Leader

Participating Artists and Collaborators

Art Clay (USA), Artistic Concept
Tom Stricker (CHE), Programming
Billie Pate (USA), Assistance
Andrew Jones (NLD), Texts

The Project

Swiss ReMake

An art project developed for the Nova Screen in the Zurich main trainstation. ReMake runs on a program that takes the original Swiss flag and redesigns it with infinite variations. A variation appears about every five seconds and is accompanied by a series of quotes that praise the importance of cultural adaptation. The original Swiss flag comes backs at random intervals between the "Re-Make" variations. The text messages that accompany the variations are from a collection of slogans in regard to the remaking of tradition via cultural adaptation. They have been taken from a number of sources and have been reduced in part down to their most simplest form without losing meaning.

The Nova Screen

As part of the celebration of ETH Zurich's 150 year anniversary, a 3-dimensional light field was built that hangs like a cloud in the main Zurich train station and brings the research work of ETH Zurich closer to the public. The 3d-display has been in use in Zurich's main train station since September 12th 2006. The NOVA invites the public to "explore with us the secrets of matter and experience the mathematical formulas as they appear in thousands of colored lights. Day after day. For the next three years. As a moment of peace and amazement during your journey through RailCity Zurich."

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