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Location: Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts → more info

Exhibition Host: Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts
Acting Curator: Peter Richardson

Screenings of Selected Works
Date & Time: Sunday, July 4th, 9:00pm
Location: Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts

Peter Richardson will present a series of works that re-expand the notion of film, video and the music video.

Screening Programme*

‘26 Bathrooms’ (Excerpt) Dir Peter Greenaway 1985
Showreel The Light Surgeons 2009
‘Monkey Drummer’ Dir. Chris Cunningham 2000
‘Comedy Basics’ Dir Peter Richardson 2000
‘All Is Full Of Love’ Bjork Dir. Chris Cunningham 1999
‘The Music Box’ Laurel and Hardy Dir. James Parrott 1932
‘Portraits of The Somerset Carnivals’ Dir. Terry Flaxton 2009
‘Honda Cog’ Dir Antoine Bardou-Jacquet 2003

Total Running time (variable) circa 70 mins

The program “Re-Expanding Cinema" references the concepts put forth by Gene Youngblood in 1970 published in “Expanded Cinema", which was the first book to consider video as an art form and how it expanded into its own genre. This was an influential moment in that it established the birth of the field of media arts. The argument that expanded cinema is required for a new consciousness might lead one to consider how since then the development and availability of digital technology has re-expanded approaches to moving image based artworks utilising new technology and how the establishment of such has “re-expanded" cinema to include completely new approaches. In the same vain, cinema "re-expanded" beyond the film arts and the narrative context of film to include new approaches and many more genres such as comedy, music television, installation, etc.

"programme subject due to distribution and exhibition agreements

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