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Last update: June 22, 2010, at 06:59 PM

Volumes & Visions

''an evening with music, visuals and more"

Project Host: Stefan Müller Arisona & Steve Gibson
Project Partner: Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts /
Location: Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts → more info
Date & Time: Saturday, July 3rd, starting at 8pm

About the Event:
The Volumes and Visions programme will feature new forms of audio-visual media art from a diverse body of artists and sound practitioners. New forms of audio-visual hybrids will be explored including: synaesthetic performance; DJ/VJ performance; live video and sound; new interfaces for live performance; montage video. Drawing on a history of visual music, montage and VJ performance this programme will present viewers with an audio-visual panorama of excess, immersion and psychedelia.

DJ Tom Kuo (CHN/CAN)
Steve Gibson (GBR/CAN)
Scheinwerfer (Corebounce, CHE)
Justin Love (CAN)
Roland Dahinden & Co. (CHE)

A Swiss Re:Mix
Dahinden (Alphorn) & Justin Love (VJ)

Live cinema and improvised alphorn.

For Swiss Re:Mix, Roland Dahinden performs an improvised score to Justin Love's live remix of HÖRBAaR - a film by Swiss filmaker Michelle Ettlin that explores the tension between small town life and globalization in the village of Baar, Switzerland.

Exploding, Plastic and Inevitable Redux
Tom Kuo (DJ)
Stefan Müller Arisona (DJ/VJ)
Simon Schubiger-Banz (VJ)
Steve Gibson (synth, MIDI guitar, vocoder)
Justin Love (VJ)

“Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux utilizes multiple projectors, a barrage of laptop computers, custom software, live vocals, keyboards and live video processing to create an immersive audio-visual experience which mimics the psychedelic atmosphere of the original EPI event, while at the same time updating the audio-visual language to the 21st Century.” Luc Meier, Swissnex San Francisco.

Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux is re-imagining of the psychedelic classic The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, created by Andy Warhol with the Velvet Underground in the late 1960s. Rather than literally interpreting the original Warhol event, Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux seeks to update psychedelia for the new millennium. Using an excess of technology, including a multitude of projectors, computers, MIDI and other human-computer interaction controllers, the project immerses viewers in an overload of the senses and in a Gesamtkunstwerk where sound, vision, space and time coincide.

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