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Location: Diverse Venues → more info

Exhibition Times: Wednesday, 26 October to Wednesday, 02 November, 2011

About the Exhibition

The DIGITAL ART WEEKS program is concerned with the application of digital technology in the arts. The Digital Art Weeks program offers insight into innovations in art and technology and illustrates resulting synergies in a series of performances, installations and screenings. For Digital Art Weeks 2011 in Victoria BC we have created an exhibition of digital artwork for diverse but related venues"

Art Placebo more
navigates terrain both familiar and unfamiliar to artistic traditions. Psychology, science, technology, biology are integrated into the practice of art, creating hybrid forms that require intimate knowledge of “the other” from practitioners;

Nine Levels between Heaven and Earth more
Inspired by Yang Liwei's book "Nine Levels between Heaven and Earth", guests are offered a lunch box, which can be enjoyed a within the setting of an art installation that gives the impression of a communal "picnic" in outer space.

The Hidden Room more
The Hidden Room speaks of possible worlds and evokes the Unconscious and the reversed order of things, inspiring a “narrative“ grid where one has to find a door leading to a room hidden in one’s own spatiality leading us to our own inner spaces.

Emotional Landscaping more
This is a project for digital landscape imaging and an heldheld interactive viewing system. The project’sm intention is to draw a parallel between the emotional states of humans and those of the habitat they live in. Emotional Landscaping is an artwork, uses new tools for Musuem research, and provides for awarness that we are in the middle of global crisis that is being ignored while it is not good for the economy to do so.

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