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-not a future for art, but art for a future

Important Dates

Workshop: Saturday 11th May, 13:30 to 16:30
Exhibition: 7th May to 19th May, 10:00 - 18:00
Opening: 7th May, 16:00 to 18:00

About the Workshop

Today's youth are in the best position to act in helping to increase environmental awareness and to show us all that there is a real need to work toward sustainable life on earth. The “Earth Cell Paintings” consist of a collection of hexagonal shaped paintings created by the children, which will be and exhibited together playfully “linked in prosperity” by combining them into figures of animals, flowers etc. The outreach to the children for creating the paintings is based on a challenge:

“The earth is alive. Each of us who lives on the Earth is a cell. Each of these cells should become activated and united, so that the Earth and we can grow healthy in the future together.“

To contribute, participants create paintings with finger paints by using your handprint to create patterns on the hexagram paper. This can be dome alone or as a group and each participant can make one or even more hexagram paintings. After all of the paintings are finished, participants will assemble them together into forms of animal, flowers etc. to create a final organic shape.


  • Learn to make finger paints out of simple natural products and how to mix primary colors into secondary and tertiary colors*
  • Learn about how nature has created color palettes and color patterns by looking at bloomed flowers, animal’s furs, treetops, water surfaces and more.
  • Learn how to use the palm of the hand and the fingers to create patterns with finger paints that are reminiscent of nature.
  • Create free style paintings to the theme "Vision of and life on the Earth".
  • Learn about the concept variation by combining the hexagram objects into a variety of forms including flowers, animals, etc.
  • Learn to function creatively in a team and to work in collaboration toward the defined goal of an exhibition.
  • Enjoy a sense of individual and team accomplishment at the opening of the exhibition with friends and families.


The workshop is open to all children and youth to 18 years of age. Activities are dependent on age group. The number of participants is limited and participation is on a first serve basis. Parental accompaniment is welcome but not mandatory. The workshop is created by Arthur Clay and will be run Mr. Ichi Ikeda and the DAW staff.

The results of the workshop will be exhibited under the title “Earth Cell Paintings” and represents an important part of the exhibition “Earth Cell” at the Japan Creative Centre Galleries. In addition to the work made at the workshop by the Singapore children, the exhibition will also include works by children at the Rainbow Center for Autism, and also with internationally renowned artists from diverse countries.

The Earth Cell Project is part of the Digital Art Weeks Festival hosted by the Future Cities Laboratory (SEC),  ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sands, the Japan Creative Centre and  swissnex Singapore.

Workshop and Exhibition Location:

Japan Creative Centre
4 Nassim Road
Embassy of Japan in Singapore
258372 Singapore

Ichi Ikeda (JAP)

Osaka-born artist Ichi Ikeda has dedicated the majority of his prolific career to raising global awareness around water issues and conservation through both large and small-scale interventions. His art serves as an inspirational focal point for the exchange of water-related information. His interventions include international conferences and seminars, community activism, public performance and interactive WaterArt installations. Specific projects include local water-carrying actions in Japanese markets, a supper for people affected by the construction of a dam, as well as sprawling "paintings" made from the deposits of polluted water and river silt on cloth. In 1997, Ikeda developed the Arcing Arc project which brought the cities of Kaseda and Taipei together through a series of public installations, calling attention to water conservation and specific environmental conditions shared by the two cities. The Arc has since expanded to include the cities of Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok and Yogyakarta.

Arthur Clay (USA/CHE)

The artist and curator Art Clay was born in New York and lives in Basel. He is a specialist in the performance of self created works with the use of intermedia and has appeared at international festivals, on radio and television television in Europe, Asia and North America. His recent output focuses on large media based performative works and spectacles using mobile device. He has received prizes for performance, theatre, new media art, music composition and curation. As an educator, he has taught media and interactive arts at various art schools and universities in Asia, Europe and North America including the University of the Arts in Zurich. He is the initiator and Artistic Director of the 'Digital Art Weeks International and the Virtuale Switzerland.


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