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May 6th to May 19th 2013

The DAW INTERNATIONAL's is concerned in general with the bridge between the arts and sciences in cultural context with the application of digital technology in specific. Consisting of symposia, workshops and cultural events, the DAW program offers insight into current research and innovations in art and technology as well as illustrating resulting synergies, making artists aware of impulses in technology and scientists aware of the possibilities of application of technology in the arts. Based at the Computer Systems Institute at the ETH Zurich, DAW was founded in 2005 by Prof. Jürg Gutknecht, Arthur Clay, and Dr. Stefan Müller Arisona to drive interdisciplinary initiatives involving innovations in computer science.

- Arthur Clay, Stefan Mueller Arisona & Jürg Gutknecht


ETH Chair, Prof. Dr. Jürg Gutknecht → more
Artistic Director, Art Clay → more
Scientific Chair, Stefan Müller Arisona → more
Educational Chair, Steve Gibson → more
Communication & Social Media, Monika Rut → more

DAW Coordinator, Canada, Doug Jarvis → more
DAW Coordinator, Singapore, Daniela Alina Plewe → more
DAW Coordinator, Japan, Kazuko Matsumoto → more
Public Relations, Andrew J. Jones → more
.ulink, the DAW Linkzine, F. Scott Taylor → more

DAW Singapore Team

Hosting Institutes

Future Cities Lab, Singapore ETH Centre→ more
swissnex Singapore → more

Project Leaders

Stefan Müller Arisona → more
Arthur Clay → more
John Craig Freeman → more
Doug Jarvis → more
Daniela Plewe Alina → more
Peter Richardson → more
Monika Rut→ more
Steve Gibson → more
Andreas Schlegel→ more

Proposed Partner Institutes

swissnex singapore → more
Future Cities Lab, Singapore ETH Centre→ more
A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research→ more
BlackMarket Fashion→ more
Institute of Media Innovation (IMI)→ more
LASALLE College of the Arts→ more
Marina Bay Sands, Art & Science Museum→ more
National University of Singapore ( NUS)→ more
Nanyang Technological University NTU→ more
New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia→ more
Singapore Polytechnic→ more

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