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Performances & Exhibition Openings: Wednesday 8th May

Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 8th May to Sunday 19th May

About the Event

They say that you can find works by local artists, and curators who really know their stuff in the alternative spaces in Singapore and that the art scene is getting stronger day by day – and an arts and culture district is on the brink of emergence, where creative endeavors are given space and things a chance to flourish. The Off Label Night focuses exactly that and aims at presenting a series of works by local and not at all local artists in some of the most quirkier and dynamic alternative arts spaces found in districts of Singapore. Here visitors can go “off label”, let the exhibitions and performances rock you and get up close and personal with some international greats and some of Singapore’s most creative locals.

Featured Artists

Miha Ciglar (AUT)
Adeleine Daysor' (SGP)
Urich Lau (SGP)
Shengen Lim (SGP)
Peter Morin (CAN)
Deirdre Logue (CAN)
Allyson Mitchell(CAN)
Holgar Mohaupt (GBR)
Jackson 2Bears (CAN)
Christopher Chong Chan Fui (IDN) (tbc)

Off Label Program

@ Cups N Canvas → more info

Life Circuit 5.0

Urich Lau (SGP)

Life Circuit is created for a series of video performances and performance collaborations, using reconstructed industrial headgear, such as welding goggles, gas mask and earmuffs, as video and audio wearable gadgets. Using live-feed images and ambient sounds, the ‘circuit’ converts what is seen and heard into electronic video and audio outputs. The gadgets become an extension to the artist’s anatomy that alters human functionality and interactivity in the capacity of vision and voice, replacing human senses in perception and expressions.

Chocolatey Sweet Nothings and other Skype Paintings

Adeleine Daysor (SGP)

Chocolatey Sweet Nothings and 15 Hour Distance are two series of paintings that embody the relationship between virtual, material, and psychological realities. The paintings are abstractions of Skype conversations, digital screenshots, and the artist’s associations with home. Their minimal compositions invites one to dwell on the subtle turns in space created through bold lines and the sparse application of colour. Chocolately Sweet Nothings records the different shades of a beverage as it settles and changes temperature over time; while 15 hour Distance depict elements of a Peranakan home, juxtaposing the colours of traditional shophouses and the interior architecture of a modern HDB apartment.Evoking a sense of lack, familiarity, and comfort, these paintings reflect the phenomenon of accessiblity via the interent while calling upon us to ponder on our connection to the material and the nostalgic realms.

Feminist Art Gallery - FAGing It Forward

Deirdre Logue & Allyson Mitchell (CAN)

FAG Feminist Art Gallery is the collaboration of artists Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell. Through FAG we host, we fund, we advocate, we support, we claim and we make. FAG is focused on a diverse community of individuals and artists and our collective and communal powers. FAG is committed to the cultivation of a new kind of sisterhood that isn’t based on gender and privilege and a new kind of brotherhood that isn’t based on rape and pillage.

When you come to the FAG, we ask you to make a nametag: first, with your name – so we can all know who each other is – and second, with the name of a feminist/queer/politicized artist, poet, rock star, writer, friend, inspiration, mentor, matron or lover – someone you want to make visible, someone you want everyone to know about. We call this FAGing It Forward.

@ Your Mother Gallery (tbc) → more info

How we may see in a chamber things that are not

Shengen Lim (SGP)

The dictionary refers photography as drawing or writing with light onto a light sensitive surface. Not satisfied with the concept of that photography is an image on a piece of paper, the artist propose that it should be more connected to its origins (a drawing or writing with light) and what that has to offer instead being limited to an image on paper. By understanding photography as a concept that it is a drawing or writing with light onto a light sensitive surface allows the artist in his work to venture into presenting what photography can be. His current research is based on the ideas of Giambattista della Porta, an Italian scholar from the 15th century. Using one of his techniques, the artist lets the viewer see in a chamber things that are not, and produces installation works that revolve around how light can manipulated to achieve images by combining projectors and television sets to produce ghost, or holographic moving images using the physics of how light functions. Although the technique was already invented 500 years ago, it offers a refreshing way to look at photography or video in contemporary context when combined -as in this work- with modern technology and contextualization.

Outside from Inside Singapore

Holgar Mohaupt (DEU)

Over the past several years, the artist has been focusing on projects involving smart phone technology under the title “Outside from Inside”. Using built and designed environments to frame a landscape, ethnographic splices of a cognitive landscapes result. The process for the works involves taking of a lot of photographs from moving vehicles such as cars, trains or buses etc. For Singapore, the artist will apply “local practices” common to the to his repertoire of conceptual techniques to an unknown territory titled “Outside from Inside Singapore, which on one hand will be the artwork.-documentation of a one-week resident while killing time in culturally active streets from diverse places .Time spent will result in an augmented street map with photographs / animations shot during the residency.

@ Independent Archive and Resource Centre → more info

Ultrasonic intaractions

Miha Ciglar (SVN)

Syntact is a new musical interface developed at Ultrasonic audio technologies. The revolutionary technology behind Syntact provides contact-free tactile feedback to the musician. By utilizing airborne ultrasound a force field is created in mid-air that can be sensed in a tactile way. It allows a musician to feel the actual sound with its temporal and harmonic texture. While an optical sensor system is interpreting his hand gestures and mapping the descriptors of hand motion onto sound synthesis/processing parameters, the musician can physically engage with the medium of sound by virtually molding and shaping it – i.e. changing its acoustic appearance – directly with his hands

Feminist Art Gallery (Talks, Discussions and more)

Deirdre Logue (CAN) & Allyson Mitchell (CAN)

We host, we fund, we advocate, we support, we exhibit, we claim, we house, we feed. The Feminist Art Gallery – FAG is focused on a diverse community of individuals and artists and our collective and communal powers. Combining activist feel tank with transnational feminist collaboration, FAG directors Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell will work with Malaysian-based artist Christopher Chong Chan Fui to present performances by three local and politicized Singaporean artists in a 24 hour FAG satellite gallery. In the charged and uncertain territory of the unstable meanings surrounding “difference” we will invite artists to perform and/or present work that takes on what it can to pushing on existing social and artistic frameworks. The FAG satellite will further hybridize or mutate how the technologies of FAG can work beyond the traditional framework of the gallery, organization and artist project.

@ Night & Day Bar + Gallery→ more info

Beads are the Breath of the Landbridge

Peter Morin (CAN)

Beads and the practice of culture - the making of objects and the performance of those objects - has a tradition of transformation and currency. Beads travelled with settler people. The first contact beads, and subsequent beads, were transformed into a vehicle for the breath of the Land. The land, as always, was ever present in the material object production (art), in the practice, in the history. It is my intention to travel the breath of the land to Shanghai. It is my intention to carry beads back to the motherland of bead production. I want to produce a new performance, called 'Beads are the Breath of the Landbridge'. A performance to acknowledge this connection. A performance to acknowledge this art history. A performance about bringing the indigenous innovation to the land of innovation.

Iron Tomahawks 2013

Jackson 2Bears (CAN)

The Iron Tomahawks is a performance that explores Native Stereotypes in popular culture; reflecting on issues of contemporary indigenous identity in a media saturated world that has a history of distributing discriminatory and racist misrepresentations of First Nations people. Consisting of the live manipulation of video and audio using digital-encoded vinyl in conjunction with specialized software developed by the artist, the Iron Tomahawks performance uses the form of the remix and the mash-up as tools for cultural critique. On stage samples are taken from film, television, the news and advertising and are cut-up, looped, and scratched to the rhythmic patterns of hips-hop breaks and drum n’ bass sequences.

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