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Event Date: Saturday 11th May 2013, 10PM - late

Venue: Home Club (


ADSR – Short Attack, abrupt Decay, and a non-lasting Sustain to leave us with a Release into the VOID – a vacuum that opens space for remixing the previous and accenting the new. The closing party of this year’s Digital Art Weeks festival embraces the VOID as an infinite space that makes itself available to be populated by the digital realm of sound and light. The internationally acclaimed artists DJ Nord, DYZ, KNIVES, 3pin and robot_mixeur will roll out the red carpet for you to enter this space to enjoy a night of ambient, minimal, trippy and eclectic techno, augmented with live visuals, aiming at re-filling the VOID through a reinterpretation of attack, decay, sustain and release.

Artist Biographies

DJ Nord (aka Steve Gibson) is a Canadian DJ/VJ. His DJ sets are eclectic, merging many different styles of electronic music including hard techno, progressive house, and experimental electronica. He has performed at major festivals including Ars Electronica, Digital Art Weeks, Festival International Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, and the European Media Arts Festival. He currently focusses on Nordic and northern techno and electro and hosts a weekly radio show on Culture Lab Radio Newcastle.

DYZ (aka Yazid Dyz) is a DJ and sound engineer based in Singapore. He began spinning in the early 90s, and inspired by artists such as Carl Cox or Sven Väth, he freely expresses himself through different genres ranging from tech house, progressive house, to electro and techno. With his undoubtedly amazing skills, this talented DJ was awarded as 2nd prize winner at the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle in 2009.

3pin (aka Léon McCarthy) is an Irish audio-visual performer. Quite the chameleon, he shape-shifts as electro-synth rocker, DJ, VJ, audiovisualist and installation artist. He has released material as part of the Irish electro-producers Les Bien and has performed as a VJ at various European festivals. Tonight, 3pin lights up our retina with visuals and motion-graphics.

KNIVES is an evil moniker created by Razi Razak to spin minimal/techhouse/techno. Inspired by Andy Warhol's artwork called Knives in 1981. He is a multi-faceted creative individual who is always looking to engage and challenge the sociality of life through work. Brand ideologist, independent music promoter and art curator. Founder of The Rockstar Collective (THE RSC) which carries event brands such as Identite, Statement and Canopus. Knives is also involved in a sound art performative outfit, Occupation.

robot_mixeur (aka Stefan Müller Arisona) is a Swiss media artist and computer scientist, based in Singapore. As a DJ and VJ, he mixes elements from minimal techno, tech house and techno into driving soundscapes and pushing beats, augmented with live visuals generated by self-written software. Numerous performances around the globe include Shanghai’s legendary Shelter, Zurich’s EWZ, Victoria’s Open Space, or Chicago’s Conway Centre, and currently he performs regularly as resident VJ at Zouk Singapore's Velvet Underground. |

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