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-a bottom-up and melting pot approach to creating arts

Exhibition Opening: Friday 10 October 17:00
Exhibition Dates: Friday 10 October to Sunday 12 October 2014

Performance Dates: Friday 10 October 20:00 to 22:30
Performance Dates: Saturday 11 October 20:00 to 22:00
Performance Dates: Saturday 11 October 22:00 to breakfast

Doug Jarvis: 01 October to 31 October 2014

About the Event

This event aims at presenting art, performance, and all things creative with internationals in a local context and in cooperation with one of the quirkiest and dynamic spaces available in Seoul, the Platoon Künsthalle. Here visitors experience offerings in intimate settings and get up close and personal with some of the cities most creative locals and international greats from previous DAW Festivals. This bottom-up and melting-pot approach to creating an event on a local platform fosters an open, dynamic, personal and creative urbanity that links together as a social network, nurturing alternative approaches to today’s art making. It can be said that Off Label events let culture go “off label”, or collectively "bend" the expected to actively transgress them through socio-cultural activism that challenges the iconic norms of the market.

Artists & Performers

Jardin Cosmique (CHE)
Urich Lau (SIN)
Laser (CHE)
Claude Jordan (CHE)
Frédérique Utiger (CHE)
Lim Shengen (SIN)
Marcel Gaspar (SIN)
Teow Yue Han (CIN)
Chen Sai Hua Kuan (SIN)
Kai Lam (SIN)
Corebounce (CHE)
Tobi Kalleder (KOR)


Platoon Künsthalle Seoul → more info

A WEEKEND EXHIBITION (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

VIDEO CAR (Friday & Saturday!)

Urich Lau (SIN)

Video Car by Urich Lau is characterized by the artist’s persistent use of experimental techniques involving the use of overlap video art, photographic prints and anything that occupies the conceptual “in between”. The artist has turned the car into an interactive medium by using the windscreen as display for video, presenting an eclectic viewing experience by combining the elements of moving images with the familiarity of a common automobile. For this event, Teow Yue Han and Marcel Gaspar will collaborate with the artist Urich Lau.


Marcel Gaspar (SIN)

Singapore is new and despite it’s being new has been going through rapid development since its birth. Becoming conscious of the perpetual change of this City-State, the artist Marcel Gaspar began to take notice of it and use as a point of departure for creating art. The artist believes that before one can even appreciate what has been built, something is takes its place in one way or another. Using artistic documentary approach, the video work R.T.T.P. revisits such migratory places after which a remarkable change has take place and identity redefined.


Teow Yue Han (SIN)

The video work dis\expanse by Teow Yue Han looks into the Singapore citizen-journalism website STOMP and uses the contents found as a departure point for creating a work of art. Digital content is taken, and images are created and combined that can embrace concepts of representation, value, circulation and interactivity. As an artist, Teow Yue Han is interested here on focusing on the coordinated gestures that our fingers are capable in dispensing such information.(:tableend:)

Salt Water, Light and Electricity

Chen Sai Hua Kuan (SIN)

Salt Water, Light and Electricity by Chen Sai Hua Kuan takes makes a poetical work using water taken from the river along Seongdong-ri and employs it as a conductor to produce light. For this version of the work, the artist will create a performance around the concept that will result in a video work to highlight artistic research on conductivity and omnipresence --electrons being present in any and all objects. The river water -though not a perfect conductor like copper- contains organic materials and mineral constituents, is such an object and demonstrate the theory.

Mooning North Korea

Lim Shengen (SIN)

Mooning North Korea by Lim Shengen is a pun on the situation in North Korea. The work serves as a documentation of a voyeur’s observation of North Korea from the riverbanks of Dandong City in the Chinese province of Liaoning. To create the work, a telescope was used as a tool to travel towards North Korea from a distant point. The results of the process reveal to viewers beyond the eye of the telescope the charade taking place.



Jardin Cosmique (CHE) + Guests

The performance is a dialog between K-soul’s holokinetic paintings and the futuristic symphony composed for flute, didgeridoo and sound synthesis by the Swiss composer Laser. Through sound synthesis and multiple tempi, new territories open up and from the vibrations emerges a weightless music, a new world of sound, a multi-sensory experience of a futuristic atmosphere for the spectator. The Performance Jardin Cosmique Partita 701 is an allegory to the Universe and its light. Composition by Laser based on K-soul’s Holokinetic Light Painting and performed by Laser : Sound synthesis/Conducting; Claude Jordan : Flutes/Sound synthesis; Frédérique Utiger, Didgeridoo.

Tobi Kalleder House DJ at Platoon


ORBITAL CINEMA (2010 - Present)

Teow Yue Han (SIN)

Orbital Cinema by Teow Yue Han is a live video performance comprising a roving live feed sent to a video mixer positioned at the back of a car, which was firstly collaborated with Singapore artist Urich Lau on his work Video Car, in the 2010 Night Festival at The Substation, Singapore. Yue Han acted as the video capturing “satellite” with his wearable contraption, Video Harness (developed in his performance series “Projections” where he projects his face onto other people). Orbital Cinema seeks to reinterpret the form and expression of conventional cinema, making it instantaneous and mobile.


Kai Lam (SIN)

The work by Kai Lam illustrates people as hybrid beings, how cultural surrogating takes shape and is built through the process of performance and proliferates into the possibility of cultural and political freedom. Performance is not made to serve anything, but it is a repeated act of resistance against the dominant cultural hegemony that has become the authoritative machinery that systematically oppresses individual freedom and restricts the evolution of human creativity. Working on sounds with such contradictions, Kai Lam articulates a system of representation that perpetuates his body in perplexity and pluralistic existence.


Guests (KOR) + Corebounce (CHE)

Corebounce is a collective of artists and scientists with the common goal of mediating between arts, science, and technology and collaborate with a number of partners from education, in particular with ETH Zürich, and industry. Searching for hybrid environment between research and a top club venues, Corebounce will mix elements from minimal techno, tech house and techno into driving soundscapes and pushing beats.

Live Show

Vakdong Records (KOR)

Vakdong Records is an electronica music group based in Seoul. Producers, DJs, performers, media artists and painting artists are united to deconstruct the structure, expression and concept of electronic sound. Producing experimental music albums, performing interdisciplinary concerts, creating architectural structure for electronic sounds are parts of ongoing experiments of Vakdong Records.Participants: DJ Set: Tschaan, Vigorous Vlack; Visual Mapping: Lightizm; Live Painting: NANA

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