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Digital Art Weeks Online Proceedings 2006

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Amy Alexander - About... Software, Surveillance, Scariness, Subjectivity (and SVEN) *

Alan Dunning, Paul Woodrow - Body Degree Zero: Anatomy of an Interactive Performance *

Jason Freeman - Glimmer: Creating New Connections *

Johnny Golding - The Assassination of Time

Guerino Mazzola, Gérard Milmeister, Karim Morsy, Florian Thalmann - Functors for Music: The Rubato Composer System *

Pascal Müller, Stefan Müller Arisona, Simon Schubiger-Banz, Matthias Specht - Soundium's Design Tree: Supporting Multimedia Composition and Performance *

Stijn H. W. Ossevoort - From Electric Devices to Eletronic Behaviour *

Will Pappenheimer - Collective Surveillance Play

Cornelius Poepel - Formalized and Non-Formalized Expression in Musical Interfaces *

Hannes Raffaseder - Interrelation: Sound-Transformation and Re-Mixing in Real-Time *

Julian Rohrhuber - Artificial, Natural, Historical: Ambiguities of Synthetic Sound in Documentary Film *

Eva Sjuve - Gestures, Interfaces and other Secrets of the Stage *

Jenny Tillotson - Scentsory Design: Fashion Fluidics *

(*) These papers are published in: Transdisciplinary Digital Art: Sound, Vision and the New Screen. 2008. R. Adams, S. Gibson, and S. Müller Arisona (eds.). Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS), Volume 7, Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


Julie Andreyev - Four Wheel Drift

Art Clay - Evoke, Immerse, Embrace: An Exhibition of Soundscape Works

Kristina Eschler, Urs Hugentobler, Stefan Kern, Anja Meyer - Urban Whispers

Martin Fröhlich - Px1m0d: A Haptic Midi Interface

David Kim-Boyle - Real-Time Generation of Open-Form Scores

Etsuko Maesaki - Water Bell Project

Dennis Majoe - Tai Chi Chuan: A Computer Based Trainer for Health and Well Being

Richard Widerberg and Zeenath Hasan - The Mobile Phone as a Medium for Sonic Socio-Cultural Exchange

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